Lucy Blasche was born in Berlin and developed during her last 27 years to a Performer and Scenic Creator.
She had her first stage-experience with 10 Years in the ESN-School in Berlin-Neukölln playing the bandit Karl Moor from the „Bandits“ of Schiller, during a cosy Christmas-Party.
After finishing her A-Level in 2011, she  went to painting and Fotografie-classes.
In 2014 she decided to combine her visual interest with her passion for the stage.
The Result, puppetry at the Ernst Busch in Berlin.
During this time she was part of the JUST-Ensemble in  „Theater im Palais“ and the improvisation group „Flughunde“ in Berlin.

© Sebastian Wolf

Two years  later in 2016 she found herself in Essen studying Physical Theatre at the „Folkwang“ university of arts.
During this time She created two Solo-performances, one Duo-performance and one dance – composition. Moreover she was part in the creative process of several group-performances with her colleques.
As she created a partnership between the „Institut del teatre“ in Barcelona and  Folkwang she is the first student of  Folkwang, studying at the Institut.
In 2019 she will come back to Folkwang and finish her study with a work directed by herself and one final project she will create.