© Sebastian Wolf

How would you describe your way of working?

When I start to create a peace I like to get influenced by my surroundings. For example it can be a sentence in a supermarket or an article what makes me to write a little text or create a movement based on that. Through this time i find the theme I want to talk about. It is following a phase of research and collecting material. Next step is to practice and try out the ideas if they work or not. This is when the rehearsing process starts. Of course it is very different when I am only the performer. In this case I concentrate on the Material I got and try to get familiar with it. So i will read the text if it is a textbased peace /film, or I start a research on the issue.

What do you like about creating theatre peaces?

I really like, that I can work whatever I want and in the way I want. I really like writing for the stage, so almost in every work I have the freedom to bring my own words on the stage. This is a fabolous feeling. Moreover I really like to work with people on the difficult task, to create a peace out of nowhere. These uncomfortable questions about your interests, what you want to talk about and what is relevant nowadays keep our minds fresh, and helping our work not to remain static.

What is important for you in the creation process?

For me is important to have a good and supportive team, that we work in a human working – atmosphere. In addition the issue we want to talk about, or the text means a lot to me. The ideal would be, if the whole team has a need to thematise our creation. During the process it is important for me to have someone as a foreign Outside – Eye who gives us an objective feed back what is transmitting to the audience. Moreover time is an important component. For a Peace around 90 minutes it would be good to have at least 3 Month time to work.

Of what work are you proud of?

As I am a cery self-critic person I think I will never say this is the perfect work I am so proud of it. I dont know. Every work was a challange by now. And of course I am proud to have found a solution.

Where do you see your future?

I will definitely move back to Berlin, which is were I am born, and feel the most comfortable. There I want to have my base. My wish is to find a job in Berlin, maybe at a cultural centre like the old „Tacheles“ or at the „Heimathafen Neukölln“. Moreover I like to do more films, as I fall in love with that format in the beginning of the year when I worked together with students of the KHM in collon.